Due to increased costs, we have decided to close down sales from our website. Thank you to all our customers! Keep an eye on our Etsy page, as we may re-open via that sales channel. https://www.etsy.com/shop/eqoutrement

About Us

This labor was literally born out of love - for my late beloved mare, Liza, to find an affordable solution to assist with building her core and correct muscles and posture while working, particularly from the ground since she was hard to fit saddle-wise and therefore I had long periods were I wasn't riding her.

Having studied equine anatomy, training methodologies and bodywork for years, the concept of using some kind of band behind the horse was appealing to me, especially from working on the ground. I tried many things over the years with my mare - I long lined her but continually found it really hard on her poll. I didn’t like some of the other options on the market for something that engaged the hind end and core for various reasons (either due to design or cost). And having spent more than I care to admit on saddles, I set out on the adventure of trying my hand at making something that would work for us, to keep her working and in shape. I wanted something affordable yet versatile - and mostly - easy to use.

Fast forward to now, carried on the wings of the memories of my beautiful Liza who I lost unexpectedly at age 11 in August 2019, I am proud to offer you a unique and affordable fitness solution for your equine partner.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.